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"Tradition - the key to success"

Construction of a roadway with local infrastructure


Manufacturing and sales


Construction of local and unclassified roads

AR Gradnja gm


"AR GRADNJA" LTD is a construction company engaged in construction, manufacturing, trade, and transportation, founded on January 11, 1991. Its primary activities include rough construction works and specific low-level construction works.

Its establishment dates back to an earlier period when the company was a small craft-construction workshop founded in 1977 by the current owner and director, Aca Radonjić, with the initial intention of being a family-owned company that would penetrate our market solely through quality. This is confirmed today by our list of references.

With great ambition and years of experience, the owner has contributed to making "AR GRADNJA" one of the leading construction companies in our region, as evidenced by the large number of satisfied clients and business partners.

About us


Cubic meters of concrete produced and poured


Years of existence


kilometers of urban roads, sewage systems, electricity, parking spaces, etc., completed.

Some of our satisfied clients.
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